kreepy kulture!

Hi, I'm Cat!

My name is Catherine (call me Cat) - I'm a freelance illustrator and streamer based in New York, with an A.S. degree in the Fine Arts. My work ranges in subject matter, but with a specialty in portraiture. I have an affinity for cute things and horror which greatly affect my work.I have experience with traditional painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture work. I primarily create my pieces digitally and have thorough knowledge of Photoshop, ProCreate and Clip Studio Pro.I am looking for private and contracted work, and am hoping to gain more experience with character, poster/cover design. I'm willing to always try something new!Outside of my art I have experience in video editing (primarily using Sony Vegas Pro) and editing various styles of writing (novels, newspaper articles, etc).Please reach out on my contact page or at [email protected] !




Currently: Closed


For professional inquiries, please contact me at [email protected]